Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Resolutions

One of my goals for next year is to participate in the so Shelli creative challenge every month and what better way to start a goal then to start it early right? Well this month the challenge was to share neighbor gift ideas and here are some gifts that I gave this year.
This first project is an altered notepad with a pen attached. My best friend wanted to make some of these for neighbor gifts and I had so much fun making them with her I decided to make some to give away.
We started with a 5 x 8 inch pad of paper, cut it in half length wise and decorated it. We used some of my favorite retired paper, along with a flower we made using the baskets and blooms bigshot die. The big flower is made out of chipboard and the smaller flower is cut out of felt and attached with a pop-up glue dot. (sorry the picture is so dark, I am still learning how to use my new camera)
I have learned that when covering a notebook with paper you want to use sticky strip to make sure it stays put. Here is a picture of the back, you can see the magnet. (I love having a notepad on my fridge)
This is how I attached the pen. Just loop the ribbon around a pen and put a piece of sticky strip between the ribbon ends, then use another piece to attach it to your notepad.
My mom was so surprised that I found pens to match...... I think she was more surprised when I told her I just slipped a small piece of DSP inside the pen and decorated it myself :)
Here is how I packaged it, just a celo bag and a cute tag. This tag was running sprints this christmas season, I used it a lot! I love giving gifts to my kids teachers and this is the gift they gave their primary teachers at church. I can't take credit for this gift either, my mom came over with the pistacios all ready for me to help her make them look pretty for her neighbors :) Happy New Year everyone!

Saturday, December 12, 2009


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Friday, December 4, 2009

Teacher Treats

Ok I know that Thanksgiving is over but I wanted to show you these adorable turkeys that my boys made for their school teachers. To see mine click here.

This First turkey was made by my 3 1/2 year old and he is totally my favorite. I love his face :) (edit - ok I just read this and I laughed I meant that I love this turkey the best. I don't have a favorite child :) This turkey was made by my 6 year old. It actually looks super close to the ones I made... (sorry it is blurry - I can't take another picture - he gave it to his teacher over a week ago)
I love when I find time to make things with my kids.