Thursday, September 30, 2010

6 point flower tutorial

As promised, here is the flower tutorial! Feel free to ignore my ugly table... I know it is ugly, but it is flat and solid so it makes a great stamping surface. Oh, and as I was making the flower for my friend, I forgot to take pictures at the end, so I made another one with different fabric and added in the photos. I also wanted to mention that I didn't come up with this flower, I have seen it a few places but I haven't heard of anyone cutting the circles with the big shot... seriously people, stop cutting flowers and circles by hand - it takes too much time and you don't have a perfect finished product!

Ok here we go! 1. Start with 6 circles. I cut these with the Clear circle big shot die. They are just shy of 4 inches in diameter.

2. fold each circle in half, and then in half again so you have a pie shape like these. Since my fabric was random colors, I wanted to lay it out to make sure I had a good mixture of colors, but you could just fold up each one as you go if you want. My well used big shot cutting plates worked great to keep them folded until I needed them.

3. You will need a needle and thread. You will want to double up the thread and tie a knot in the end.

4. ok grab your first circle, and accordian fold the open end. You will fold it just like you made paper fans as a kid. The more folds, the wider the flower. I like to fold mine 5 times. (remember there are 4 layers of fabric)

5. Stick your needle through all the layers of fabric. I like to sew each petal 2 times, so after you stick it through the first time, slide it down to the bottom of the thread and stick your needle through it again going the same direction.

6. Repeat with all 6 petals. You should then have a chain of them looking like this. Remember to keep them very close together.

7. Bring the ends together to create the flower shape. Just stick your needle into the petal on the other end and tie a couple of knots.

8. (sorry no picture) Now you want to close the gap in the middle. This part gets a little messy but don't worry, you will hide it. Just stitch opposite sides of the circle together and make sure you do this to every petal. I do this on the top and when I am done, I stick the needle down the center so the thread is now on the other side, and sew it together again on the bottom.
9. When you are finished, it should look something like this. Just tie off the end of the thread and snip off the excess.

10. Pick your favorite flower topper. It will need to be wide enough to cover the center. Buttons or brads work great. I glue mine in with hot glue. I actually stick my glue gun in the center of the flower (on the top and the bottom) to help keep the flower together. Then quickly stick the brad into the middle of the flower or the button on top and admire your work!

You can then glue a hair clip, pin. or felt circles on the back.

Here is a smaller flower I made. I cut these out with the largest circle in the circles #2 die. I added this one to a scrapbook page. Here is another one I put on a neclace.
I used the felt circles method to glue this on. I had 2 felt circles the same size. Glue one onto the flower, lay the chain down, (or ribbon, or headband, etc.) and glue the other circle on.

I hope this tutorial helps, these flowers are super fun and not as hard as it looks, so if you want, go make some! If you have any questions, leave a comment and I will answer them.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Thank you!!!

Oh my goodness. Thank you so much everyone who left a comment on my fabric flowers post. It was so much fun to read all of them. It was the first time I ever had double digits in the comments section! So to say thank you, I stopped by and let them pick one of you to receive a free flower!

I wanted to copy and paste it in like I have before... but blogger won't let me. Does anyone else have that problem? anyway, drumroll please...... comment number 3 is our winner.... but since comment number 3 is my fabulous mama, I will pick 2 winners so the second winner is...... comment number 5 - Mindy!!! ok Mindy, email me your address to and I will ship the flower in the picture below out to you. (I hope you like it!)

Keep watching for the tutorial, it is almost done...

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fabric Flowers

I love making fabric flowers. I actually made these for my friend so she could wear them on her hats.

This flower was cut out of a polyester based satin fabric with the circles dies. Then I just burned the edges with a candle. Love these. The edges curl up and it really pops!

Like most of my flowers, I cut a piece of fabric and felt at the same time and layer them together so they aren't so floppy. This flower was made with the Flower Folds die and the Baskets & Blooms die for the center flower.

This was a super easy flower to make, It is cut from the Island Floral Big Shot Die.
I LOVE rosettes. I seriously make them all the time. I made these the same way I did HERE, using the sticky pages. The rosette on the flower was made with Stampin' Up! Satin ribbon, and the rosettes behind the flower were made from fabric. The flower was also made with the Island Floral Big Shot Die.

The pink rosette is made with the Blushing Bride Ribbon isn't it so fun?
I used the clear circle die to make this flower. It is a tad bit harder to make than the others, but I love the way it looks.

If you would like to see a tutorial on how to make the 6 point flower, check out my tutorial HERE and don't forget to leave me a comment, I would love to hear from you.

To see some other fabric flowers I have made, click HERE or HERE.

Friday, September 17, 2010


I was asked to create a super quick centerpiece for a bridal shower, I didn't have much time at all to make one so this is what I threw together. The Bride's colors were bright pink, orange, and yellow - so much fun for a summer wedding!

So I pulled out my retired DSP and buttons and got to work.

The gummy candy was perfect. you can stick the skewers right into the candy and the pinwheels stayed in place perfectly.
Sorry, the pictures didn't turn out that great... the sun was shining on the window and so it appeared darker in the pictures than it really was. oh well.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Taggy Blanket with Crinkly Circles

When I made my taggy blanket for my daughter (you can see it here), I had an idea that I wanted to try. I wanted to cut out an image in fabric and in a celo bag and sew them together to make a crinkly image! So I cut out some circles with my big shot and gave it a try. It was kind of tricky to sew them both together... I think next time I won't use such a slippery fabric since the celo bag is slippery too. It doesn't look really pretty, but it totally works! The circles crinkle like so many baby toys thest days... and since it is just a small circle it isn't obnoxious!

I chose to do circles because the fabric on the back had circles, and of course I finished it up with a bunch of Stampin' Up! ribbon.... some of it is retired though.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Candy Jar

Here is another super cute gift I received from my friends at convention. My friend Megan made this. I just love these jars from IKEA and I love the sticky rhinestone!

This next picture turned out a little wierd... but I love how she folded up the flower petals.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Funny Quote Book

Aren't these aliens so fun! I think my kids would love stamping with these :) Isn't this so cute! My friend Heather made this, it is a book to write down the funny things that kids say. I am excited to fill it with quotes from my kids. Isn't that such an awesome idea!

I love how she stamped right on the notebook... I don't think I would have thought of that.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Happy Together

This has always been one of my favorite stamp sets as I browse the Idea Book and Catalog... So I figured it was about time to ink it up! Something about those super cute birds just make me smile.I actually stamped these birds 2 times. I first just stamped them on the white cardstock but I wanted them to pop... so I stamped them again and cut them out. I also didn't have the right color of ribbon so I just dyed some white ribbon with a stamp pad and a sponge dauber!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Just Believe pages

I love generic titles on my scrapbook pages... I was thinking this could be a good friends forever page or Love you forever or anything related to a wedding :)

Love Love the color spritzer. I was thinking this was a perfect place for a little journaling...
This would be good for the date...And here is the finished product! Oh and fyi - the pearls stick great to the ribbon... I wasn't sure if they would!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Spring Wreath

Yes I know it is almost Fall... But I just took off the butterflies so I can decorate it with halloween stuff and I wanted to share :) I decorated this for my daughters butterfly birthday. I wanted it to be temporary, so I just stuck the butterflies on with a dimensional. To make the flowers, I cut out a bunch of paper circles with my big shot, stamped them with one of the stamps from the Elements of Style stamp set, and made them with this tutorial. I keep meaning to make more so they go all around the wreath... maybe someday.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Baby Card

Ok speaking of no baby stamps... I went to a baby shower a little bit ago and this is what I came up with. The color is kind of washed out, but it is Pear Pizzazz. I sponged the edges of the letters to help them pop! Oh and I LOVE this Daffodil Delight ribbon, and the DSP in the paper stack- it is so cute and such a good deal :)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fontella's Cards

Isn't this fabulous?

I just LOVE these cards. My new friend Fontella (she doesn't have a blog or I would send you to it) gave me these cards at convention! Isn't this clock card amazing? And she is really good at punch art as well. Thanks for the cards!!!

Way too fun. I should make some more of these baby ones, since I don't have ANY baby stamps... seriously what am I thinking?

Monday, September 6, 2010

Wedding Cards

I have had A LOT of requests for wedding cards lately :) We made these cards at stamp club this month. My club ladies usually make 5 of the same card (if they don't want to make the scrapbook pages), but since many of them give wedding cards to the same people, I wanted to have a little variety! So they could make any combination of these three cards that they wanted! I actually love these cards, I love the pearls SO MUCH, the ribbon is awesome and I pulled out my color spritzer - something I definitely don't use enough!
I actually love this stamp set. Definitely one of my very favorites in the catalog this year. It is called Just Believe. We used this stamp set along with the medallion stamp on the scrapbook pages as well!
Thanks for looking... which card is your favorite?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Small things make such a difference!

Look how cute this is! My awesome upline Brandi gave this to me for helping out at her downline meeting. Now the brads are AWESOME but this simple tag makes it look so cute I just had to share it! And it has a butterfly on it so it really can't get any better :)