Tuesday, December 2, 2008

100 Trees

I have been working on, and helping others with few projects lately and I thought it was about time to add another post :) I try to only post samples of images that are in the current catalog (this tree stamp is retired) but I thought it would be fun to show you what 100 trees looks like. I was helping to make these invitations and I think they turned out pretty cute, we had to make them pretty simple since we were making so many. I was on the stamping end of the assembly line, my fingers hurt a little bit after stamping 200 trees but thankfully it didn't last long at all.

In my pictures the flash made the embossed image shine but I love it looking so shiny.
For the ribbon we just stapled it all together and tied a ribbon around it, thanks Meg for the idea, it worked great for this project cause it was so easy. Just staple the ribbon and the cardstock at the same time and then tie it in a knot! One thing I love about embossing is how long a 1/2 ounce of it lasts, it is like it just replenishes itself, and it is fun to watch it change from powder to shine. We also stole the quote from the same stamp set (I hope that is ok). The stamped image didn't fit just right so we just printed it with the other info.


  1. Wow! 100 trees...that is awesome! They did turn out cute!

  2. Great job...I think my fingers would be sore too. :) and yeah, I am all smiley that the ribbon thing worked. :)

  3. I think these are darling! Love the idea. Too cute and GOOD job! :)