Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sweet Scoops

We recently had a shoebox swap with our group of demonstrators. It was a ton of fun. I LOVE the demo's in our group they are so fun to hang out with and they are super talented AND it was at my home so I didn't have to travel!!! I now have SO many cute half-finished cards :) I usually chat too much to actually get anything finished and I had the beginnings of my first migrane that night but I do plan on putting the cards together sometime soon :)

This card is the card that I created. (we all created a card and brought ALL the supplies to make our card, and then we were able to make everyone else's card)

Do you recognize the stamp set? This is actually a teaser since the Sweet Scoops stamp set isn't available to purchase until May. It will be in the next mini catalog!

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