Sunday, June 6, 2010

Flip Flop Re-fashion

Have you seen the fabulous rainbow wall of flipflops at Old Navy? The green ones were calling my name (along with a few others :) I decided to change them up and add some rosettes!
If you would like to make your own you will first you will need a few things, a long strip of fabric or ribbon (mine was 1 inch by about 30 inches but I didn't use it all). I used a build-a-brad and some circles I cut out with the big shot. The first one was cut out of the sticky pages (LOVE these, seriously awesome) and I used 2 felt circles the exact same size as the sticky pages. (you can see the sticky pages one wasn't a full circle, but it really doesn't matter)

ok I know it is hard to see, since the fabric is so bumpy, but we are just twirling it in a circle (first twirl up the fabric and then lay it down in a spiral.)

Start in the middle and slowly make your way outward. When you get close to the edge let the fabric hang off the edge a little bit. When the circle is covered, snip off the end but leave enough to fold it over onto the back.

In this next photo you can see that I already attached my brad, took off the backing to the sticky pages, and folded over the end of the fabric (on the right).

Now, I like to put a brad in the middle, it makes me think it will stay together better, but the ones I have made without a brad hold just as well.

Then all I did was put one of the felt pieces on the back and just smash it with your hand to make it stick. (I was SO excited to see that the sticky pages stick to felt and it doesn't come apart!!!)

That is it! oh I added a large half back pearl to the middle of the build a brad with crystal effects.

Now the rosettes are finished, we just need to glue it on to the straps on the flip flops with a glue gun. Then take the last felt circle, attach it to the bottom with the glue gun again to give it a good hold onto the flip flop. So one felt circle is on top of the straps and the other one is below. (otherwise it will fall off after you wear it a few times :)

The sticky pages really make this easy, some people were telling me that they had to use pipe cleaners, sew it together, or hot glue everything and took them SO much longer.
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  1. WOW I didn't realize how you made them--so tricky