Thursday, November 6, 2008

Create-a-Calendar '09

The Holiday Mini Catalog has the coolest calendar this year. It can be used so many different ways, I have seen it as just a planner, on the onboard clipboards, standing up like the desktop calendar, and on a full sheet of cardstock (a lot like mine). I really liked the idea to display it I just wanted mine to be more sturdy so I attached it to the on board basics. It was really easy to create and a great gift! This is a class that I am offering this year, if you would like me to teach you how to make this let me know!

My favorite part is the storage spaces, you can see here on the back the extra months are safely stored on the back and the stickers to decorate the calendars are in a little pocket on the front! I also love the clip from the Clips Assortment on the front to make it easy to change each month.


  1. I agree...I also love this Calendar Kit! the idea of attaching it to the on board basics! :)

  2. Okay this is way cute! This is what I wanted to make for Christmas. How much does it cost to make it this cute? i really want to have a class! Maybe I can make time! Contact me again!