Sunday, November 1, 2009

Flower Folds Bow

Are you tired of seeing the hairbows I make yet? I love everything made with the flower folds big shot die so this bow is definitely one of my faves.


  1. Nope, I'm not getting sick of seeing hairbows. :) This is SUPER cute! I am loving it. :)

  2. SO CUTE! SO NOT sick of seeing these...keep them coming! :) I have been buying fabric in hopes of making some bows. Have no idea what to do now. :) Fabric?! Check. Big Shot?! Check. Flower Fold die and other flower dies?! Check. Knowledge on what to do?! DANG IT! Knew something was missing! Can you do a class on these please so I can come?! :) THANKS! This is SO CUTE!

  3. Love it!! Maybe I would come. Not really "into" hair bows - but I'll come learn.
    I'm stalking you! :)