Sunday, February 7, 2010

V-day decor

Ok first off, look how fabulous and RED this is :) I gave up on my new camera and got a newer one! Thank goodness costco has a 90 day return policy :) for those of you who are wondering - do not get a nikon coolpix 220 (I think that was the one) It was pretty cheap but totally not worth it. I heard the next model up was good but didn't want to chance it.
Ok back to the stamping, my husband brought this magnet home from the store and the first thing I said was, I could decorate this... and he said I knew you would. Now I need to go buy tons more so I can make one for every month :)This is a little wreath I made with chipboard. I just inked up the circle with craft ink and covered the heart with the glittery sending love paper. Here you can see where I hung this in my home.

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  1. Super cute projects! :)
    So what camera did you end up getting?