Saturday, April 17, 2010

Make Life....

As I was walking through our local fabric store, this fabric jumped out at me. I just had to take it home! Yes you heard me right, this is fabric!!! I have been having a ton of fun preparing to present at my upline's meeting for demonstrators in her group. The meeting is TODAY so I can now share all my samples! This card was super simple and so fun to make. I dusted off my sewing machine and stitched around the edge of the top note. I didn't bother to tie the ends, I like how it looks like this :)
Then I just cut a few flowers and attached them with dimensionals. I am not sure if they will stay put forever so I might add a brad later if they fall off.
The center of this flower is the Sizzlet Floral Fusion. Wow you are saying, you didn't know that sizzlets cut fabric? Well they don't. I tried to cut it out a bunch of different ways, I tried cutting the fabric with paper, more than one layer and with a shim but all it did was cut maybe 1/3 and leave an impression (like when you score paper) everywhere else. I ended up cutting them out with scissors. SO when you make your own card, just pick a different flower for the centers. I figured since I went through the hastle, I added it to my card.
I hope you are ready to see all the fun things I made with fabric in the past month!

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