Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Blue Train Book with a Pen

My oldest always wants one of everything that I make so when I was making the Easter post-it note holders he of course wanted one for himself with a blue pen. I told him that I will make him one with a train and so ever since he has asked for his "blue train book with a pen". So today he finally got it. He decided where to put the smoke and he also wanted ribbon cause all the others I have made have ribbon, he is too funny. This stamp set is a brand new one called Choo Choo in the new occasions mini catalog (you can click on the link on the left) for every $40 you order from the occasions catalog you get to pick one of the under $10 items in the catalog on page 208 for free!!

Here is my son's first train with this stamp set. I think he did an awesome job at hooking them together!


  1. Love that your son is so in to it! And love this notebook! SO CUTE! I might have to make a few of these. :) Too cute! Thanks for sharing. And yes...I think he did a GREAT job stamping that train! :)

  2. So cute that your son loves what you make and wants one too. :) I love this notebook. You are making me need the train set. :)

  3. Hey,
    this is my comment that you told me to leave. I should have left one forever ago. I check your blog all the time and think you are so creative! Love your stuff! you are inspiring! Keep postin' I am lovin it!