Monday, May 18, 2009

Made by a 5 year old!

This week is my 5 year old's last week in preschool so we decided to make his teacher some cards. I helped him choose this card because it was pretty simple and he could do most everything by himself. I folded the cards in half and stamped the greeting (retired) but he helped me crimp the bottom, and he punched and attached the stars by himself. I told him which ones to put the dimensionals on and which stars to use snail! I think he did an awesome job! Now we just need to make a bag and buy a balloon for her birthday today (his idea).


  1. How cute is your son. :) I bet his teacher will love it! :)

  2. Kathleen will love them!!

  3. Kasia, your creative gene has been passed on...
    I am going to have to copy these for a 4th of July card.
    Thanks for the great idea!