Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Paper Rose Tutorial

I had some Big Shot fun today. Aren't these roses cool? Well it started out looking like this:

I cut this with the table setting big shot die.

All you do is roll it up, I like to start from the outside and roll it in.

Here is a picture from the back. As you can see, it sits nicely on the center of the spiral. I glued these with hot glue. You can also do it with Crystal Effects but it takes longer to dry. I then cut some leaves from the same big shot die and glued them to my embossed pillow boxes.

I glued one end shut and added some velcro to the other end. Now I just need to fill them with something :)


  1. You are awesome Kasia! I just can't get enough of all of your good ideas. Keep em' coming :)