Friday, October 8, 2010

T-Shirt Re-Fashion

I have been having a lot of fun lately re-fashioning shirts, especially for my little girl. For this shirt, I used the larger scallop on the Scallop's 2 die and the letter A from the simple letters alphabet.

I also had to make a matching hair accessory. For this I used a die that is retired but you could use any one. I just layered a bunch of layers of white and pink fabric and attached it to a felt circle.Then I hot glued it to the headband and added another felt circle (one on each side of the headband)This shirt is one of my favorites. It has also lived through MANY washings and still looks great since I stitched around the edge with a zig zag stitch! I also made a shirt for myself. - my hair is all in my face - the wind was blowing like crazy but the pictures inside didn't work very well...

Can you guess what big shot die I used for my shirt? The flowers aren't very recognizable now that I washed the shirt - but I LOVE how messy they look!

I actually bought 2 of the same shirt, one my size and another the largest size I could find so I would have the most amount of fabric :) I used about half of it and now I can save the rest for another project. (I already used some for a rosette necklace!)

Here is a better picture of the flowers. They look more like flowers in this picture, can you guess the die yet? I first pinned on the flowers and layed out the ruffles like this, and pinned them on a little as well before sewing them. I started with the bottom ruffle and worked my way up and sewed on the flowers last.

Yep I used the flower folds die! I layered 4 flowers on top of each other. (the flower on top is a little bigger than the other 2) I also cut some fun ruffle strips to add as well. I sewed these on with some brown thread for a little contrast.

Sorry for the awkward picture - I took it of myself :) But here you can see the stitching a little better. I just sewed on the flowers with a spiral.

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