Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wedding Shower Decor

I recently helped with my cousin's wedding shower. I made a few of the decorations, all sticking to her colors. I wanted to decorate this jar and fill it with candy, so I made this tag with the 2 tags die and the big shot, found some black jellybeans at the store and filled it up. It was great because the candy matched the colors - which is all that matters right? I hope so cause hardly anyone ate them but me... so I took home the leftovers, but let me tell you, the jellybeans do wierd things to your system, seriously it would make a great st patricks day prank. LOL! ok sorry if that was too much info... Here is a close up of the tag, everything is from Stampin' Up! except the flowers.

The best part, is that my cousin took the tag and ribbon to decorate a picture frame!
Another decor item I made were these medallions that I hung from the light above the table. There was a black one too, but it wasn't in the picture...

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