Thursday, March 8, 2012


Last month my mom and I made cookies, and we were able to stamp on them!  One thing about me is that I am NOT a baker.  I CAN cook and make yummy things but I don't like to do it.  (I do like cooking with my mom though :)  So I was super suprised at how much I liked making these cookies, and I am actually looking forward to making more!  Ok so here is how we did it...

 We first rolled the dough into balls and then stamped on them with one of the sweet pressed cookie stamps! 
The set comes with 3 stamps and 1 wooden handle.  The stamp is soft and is super easy to change.
Here you can see the shamrocks before cooking...  some with sprinkles, some without. 

Shamrocks after...
The shamrocks were our favorite, so we decided to make it an annual tradition to make these every year! 

Flowers and Bunnies before baking... (we just added some food coloring to the dough)

After, all ready to eat!
When making cookies with these stamps you need to use a shortbread dough so it doesn't rise too much.  The cookie stamps come with a recipe, I haven't tried it yet.  The recipe I used was from Janice who is one of my demonstrator friends.  One thing I love about this recipe is that the cookies are soft... and stay soft for a long time. 

Anyone want to come make some more with me?

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  1. Will you share the recipe---i tried the recipe it came with and wasn't happy with it....thanks!!!