Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Another Cupcake

I made this super cute huge cupcake to decorate posters to advertise the service/cake event (see the next post). I loved the sprinkles on Ashley's cupcakes so I just had to do the same thing. (anytime you need some cupcake inspiration her blog is where you should go :) My mom scalloped the posterboard and backed it in pink so it was super cute!!


  1.'re sweet. :) But this is SO CUTE! Love it! I want to come! :) SO CUTE! I think I'm going to have a "Girl's night out" cupcake party. Hmmmm...that could be fun. :) I just want to make these things for an event why not?! :) Hmmmm....brain's a going now. : )

  2. I love this! I love the ribbon tied around the cupcake and of course the sparkily frosting and sprinkles! So cute!

  3. Love,love,love the cupcake. I've had so much fun making cupcake cards, so glad you taught me how! --Shelly G. your anonymous cupcake pal.