Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A little bling

My Husband is NOT a jewelry fan - whatever I wear it all the time. He has forbidden me to get my baby's ears pierced until she is older. I have told him a few times to not be surprised when I finally do it :)

I got him pretty good. He noticed these right away and said something like "What is on her ears", he seemed pretty ticked so I was fast to tell him they are just stick ons! lol.
Yep you heard me right. Stampin' Up sells these AWESOME Jewels. They come in pearls and rhinestones that are self adhesive! LOVE it. The best part- they totally survived the whole day. They even stayed on through one nap!
FUN! I can't wait to try the pearls...


  1. She is so darling!! Listen to your husband about those earrings

  2. hehehehe I think that's great :)

  3. yes mom :)

    Jen - I kept laughing thinking about it!