Thursday, February 5, 2009

Something Different

I have been making cards to swap lately and I am not sure which one to swap so until then I won't post them but I wanted to show you something. I realized today that I didn't ever post a picture of these earing holders that I made last year. My neighbor works in woodwork of some kind so he made the frames and the center is just a piece of metal mesh that they use to make window screens that we hot glued inside. The paper is just mod podged onto the wood. I love this paper and it makes me happy everytime I pick out some earings. This one is made with Urban Garden DSP. I was surprised at how easy these were to make since the hard part was done for me. It was the first time I used mod podge also and it was fun! I love the way these turned out, it is so much fun to pick out earings now. These ones have little pegs in the bottom that help them stand up, other people poked holes in the top and hung it up with a ribbon.
This one is made with the now retired Maine Blueberry DSP.

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  1. Ok...I LOVE these! What a fun idea. My hubby probably wont like it very much because he'll now that I want one too. :)