Saturday, September 13, 2008

Patriotic Scrapbook Page

I designed this page for my scrapbook club in May and wanted to post something patriotic after remembering September 11th. I have mixed emotions from my memories of that day. I was on my honeymoon so I have both happy and sad memories but I will be forever thankful for those who fight for our freedoms. Thank you!!!!

I also entered this page at the state fair. I took this picture myself so sorry for all the glare. I was pleased to win second place for this page. In the comments they mentioned that they wish I used some Printed paper, we stamped on the red paper with the red ink but it was really hard to see. My favorite part of the page is the chunky glitter. We used both tombow and sticky strip to adhere it to the page. The chipboard stars and rub-ons were fun too.

1 comment:

  1. CONGRATS TO YOU!!! That is so cool that you won! :) 2nd place is GREAT! :) What did you win? :) YEAH FOR YOU! I was at the fair last night, and TOTALLY FORGOT to go check this part out! DANG IT!!!! I'm glad you took a picture! Thanks! :) You're so cute, by the way!