Sunday, September 28, 2008

Stamping in St George

I just got back from a weekend of stamping, friends, and fun. I went to St George for my upline Jill Olsen's downline meeting. It was super fun. do you want to see what we made? I don't know who designed these but I will give the credit to Jill.
We left the meeting a little early so I caught the earlier flight home. I had the perfect moment to take a picture but I didn't know anyone around me and I was creating a little too much attention already but this is what I did. The St George Airport is Tiny and I mean Tiny they have free parking and security is only open a part of the day. They have only 2 small rooms to wait in. one for arrivals and one for departures. I was in the arrivals section because security was closed. They only have 5 benches to sit on and in the middle of them they have the only table, I had a bunch of cards I didn't put together so I pulled the table over to my bench and layed out my supplies to put the cards together. It was fun to watch everyone stare at me like I am some crazy stamper!!

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