Sunday, September 14, 2008


My oldest son had his first ever soccer game yesterday, he is playing on a Kindergarten team. He did great playing bunch ball and we are proud of him. I had to post this picture to show you how bright his uniforms are and the picture doesn't even do it justice. If you look at the color of their shirts in the shade under their arms you get a better idea it is the brightest neon green that I have ever seen. Now I know that whoever chose this color was definitely NOT thinking about scrapbook pages. Oh well I will just have to make most of the pictures black and white. (my son is the second from the left with the blonde hair and running). GO NUMBER 12!


  1. Kasia! I found a link to your blog on the Kennedys blog. How are you? It's so fun to see how you and your cute boys are doing. I'll be stopping by often! :-)

  2. So how come I am the last to know you started a blog. Hello...!!!!! Anyway- Trey looks so cute playing socer. Good hustle buddy!!