Saturday, August 3, 2013

Brady's Undefined Stamp

Brady (my 7 year old and I) made this awesome stamp!  Can you tell what it is? 
If you said Batman then you are right!  Don't you just love his ear?   I do because It is my son's artwork, forever preserved in this stamp.  How did we do this you might ask?  Well it all started with this:
I won prize patrol at convention and received my own tools to make my own stamps!  It also came with some notecards and washi tape to make my own cards with.  Now I was sceptical at first, I mean I am NOT good at drawing.  I can make cards because I am using other peoples awesome artwork.  But it is suprisingly easy! 
 Shannon West presented onstage and showed us her stamp set of breakfast foods.  I just love the stamps she made! 
After her presentation, they put up this display board that shows everything we get in the kit and some awesome stamps that were created.

Are you getting excited yet?  I am in love with this idea! 
Ok so to start out, we get a big piece of rubber and a big piece of foam.  I actually love this because if we want to make a big stamp, we can by using the clear blocks and the clear mount cling foam.  I wanted to use the wood blocks that come in the set so I first cut down the rubber to fit on the blocks, making sure I had enough rubber for each wood block. 
Then I had Brady draw his picture in pencil on some paper.  We use pencil because when we place it upside down on the rubber, the picture shows up and we can carve it out with the tools. 
Just remember to stamp your image on the block before adhering the stamp to the block. 
(don't worry, instructions and samples come in the box!)  Now his stamp and drawing don't match up exactly because he carved most of the stamp.  But he did such a good job!
One last thing I had him do was to sign his name and date on the top of the wood block. It was so fun I definitely plan on creating more stamps with my kids and some of my own drawings! 
Would you like to get some of these stamps in your own hands?  Well good news, you can order them today!   Click HERE to see it in my online shop.

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  1. such a cool idea. thanks for explaining it!